2017 Festival

12 Days of Magnetic North

December 19, 2017

The board of directors is pleased to announce that after their first three months overseeing Magnetic North Theatre Festival, they have reduced the organization’s operational debt by 50%. Now they need your help. Donate by December 31st and your gift to ensure Magnetic North’s future will be matched by the new board of directors!

The 12 Days of Magnetic North

Magnetic North is more than Canada’s only national theatre festival.
We are the creators and celebrators of theatre across this country.
Artists, producers, presenters, and audiences.
Change makers.
And right now, we are evolving. Together.
We are all Magnetic North.

Magnetic North members play a vital role in the transformative, community-building experiences and opportunities created for Canadian theatre artists, producers, presenters and audiences.

We are proud of our past.
We are envisioning our future.
Together, this is our next big step forward.

Since 2003, Magnetic North has strengthened Canadian theatre, both financially and artistically, by:
· Promoting touring opportunities and networks across Canada and internationally
· Increasing and improving artistic opportunities for theatre practitioners, presenters and audiences
· Creating meaningful professional development exchanges for theatre practitioners
· Supporting Canadian theatre reach new audiences by driving interest in and demand for the work
· Celebrating Canadian theatre created by and made for communities across the country.

On September 15, 2017, a newly appointed board of directors stepped forward to support the festival’s artistic evolution and financial growth.  The 2017 Magnetic North board of directors have successfully reduced Magnetic North’s operational deficit by over 50% — creating significant financial momentum for the festival’s new, fully operational form which will be fully realized in 2019.

The new Board of Directors has pledged a $3,000 matching donation for any gift you send before December 31st!

Now we need YOU — the theatre lovers, makers, movers, and shakers — to become Magnetic North Members and contribute to the development of our new festival format!

Donate by clicking HERE

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