Corporate benefits to supporting arts and culture

Ottawa is well known as “Canada’s Festival Capital”, with more than 100 festivals happening in the city annually. These festivals welcome more than 3.5 million attendees and generate millions, making festivals a major source of revenue for Ottawa, in addition to restaurants, hotels, and shops throughout the city. In 2017, Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday with many additional events set to happen, estimated to attract almost 10 million people from outside Ottawa and the surrounding regions.

Magnetic North Theatre Festival is proud to be one of those Ottawa festivals and very excited to be in Ottawa for the Canada 150 celebrations.

Citizens interact with festivals
Recently, a study was conducted by Nanos Research, finding 90% of skilled workers in Ontario attend festivals and events, with 65% of skilled workers indicating a vibrant arts community was a driving factor when considering relocating for work. So, what does this mean for Magnetic North Theatre Festival and Ottawa as a whole?

It means Ottawa is a city where skilled workers want to live, work, and experience life.

Magnetic North Theatre Festival is, like all other festivals, unique. Magnetic North showcases the best contemporary, English Canadian theatre from across the country. Unlike traditional theatre, these performances often involve, and require, audience interaction and the stories are purely Canadian. Whether discussing the surprising nature of erotic love while snacking, examining what it means to be human, or experiencing opera along the Rideau Canal, shows featured as part of Magnetic North Theatre Festival get people talking, thinking, examining their perspectives, and exploring outside their comfort zone.

This festival is an opportunity for companies and organizations looking to demonstrate to employees their commitment to arts and culture, while looking to reach new audiences. Diversity has always been a key component of being Canadian, and English theatre is no exception. Festival audiences vary – in age, religion, background, and more – to be an accurate representation of Canada overall.

Get involved
Opportunities exist in a number of different ways for companies and organizations to get involved in supporting arts and culture across the country through Magnetic North Theatre Festival. Whether a title sponsorship, which includes festival naming rights, exclusive experiences, and branding, is something you’re looking for or a performance sponsorship is more up your alley, our team is willing to work with you to customize a package that works best for your objectives and goals. With a number of open opportunities, now is the time to capitalize on supporting Canada’s only national theatre festival.

Still have a few reservations? We understand, so let us tell you a bit about the benefits to working with the Magnetic North Theatre Festival team:

  • We believe in partnerships, not just between ourselves but also our networks and we’re always happy to connect our partners to others in our network.
  • Broad marketing and advertising opportunities to reach arts and culture supporters in Ottawa and across the country.
  • Supporting and engaging arts and culture supporters living in Ottawa, while also supporting the local arts and culture economy.
  • Connecting with industry professionals from across the country and globally through networking events and meet and greets.

If you believe this may be a fit for your company or organization, reach out! We want to hear from you so we can work with you to determine the best possible package to fit your needs. You can reach our sponsorship manager, Ian Boyd, by phone at extension 847 or email.

With more than 10 million tourists expected in Ottawa this year and Magnetic North Theatre Festival bringing in audiences from across Canada and around the world, supporting Canadian theatre is an opportunity companies and organizations can’t pass up. Reach out now and show your support for Canadian theatre talent. It may just make you the in demand local employer for skilled workers from across the country.

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